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Tuan Pham

Tuan Pham

My name is Tuan. I have picked up a few talents over the years. Learning different forms of movement have allowed me to express myself in a way nothing else could compare. Dancing, b-boying and martial arts tricking have all influenced and shaped me into someone who aspires to better than who I was yesterday. Then I was exposed to the world of film-making and I found my calling creating new concepts and perspectives. This passion has driven me to do more with my life, by inspiring others with what I love to do.

qazi islam

Qazi Islam

My name is Qazi Islam. My obsession started when I was 13 and I hijacked my brother’s DSLR. That day I discovered a new form of communication. Photography to me is the most organic form of communication – it’s the way I speak. The human connection is what I seek to capture while creating reference points for people in this great story of life. Being creative starts by listening to your inner voice. If you can’t listen, then you can’t speak. I hope you hear what I’m talking about and maybe someday we can speak.


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