The Roots Project | Mainframe Trax Family

In Gallery, Image by Qazi Islam

The Mainframe Trax Family is a collective of people that live with an undying love for Hip Hop Culture, and great music all together. Coupled with a true value of family and friendship, Mainframe was born. Reppin Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Mainframe is armed with exceptional and timeless music to bring to the world. Art that is from the people and for the people. From emcees to producers, deejays, people, experiences, love,'s all in there and much more...take a ride on the locomotive. Mainframe Trax Family are seasoned artists and performers, who have taken their talents and message to a worldwide level and will continue to grow with the people. A.D. Trax, Element Life & the Indelible And -1 are co-founding members of the “Oklahoma Zulus” chapter of the Zulu Union. They are an active force in the community from coaching and counseling youth sports and activities, to food and toy drives for the less fortunate. They are about giving back to their community, as well as providing quality music, culture and services to the community. Mainframe Trax Family has performed across the country & opened for famed artists such as Fabolous, Lil scrappy, Tyrese, Crooked I, and most recently, Talib Kweli & Rakim. Mainframe was the winner of the Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer showcase in Oklahoma City in 2012. Mainframe completed the “Rhyme At Will / Era Of An Emcee” tour with L-Smooth & Nymasis in 2017, and will be hitting the road again soon. Look out for incredible solo albums from - A.D. Trax (“The THINK Initiative”) Element Life (“Epic Epidemic”) Epitome (“The Truth L.I.E.S. Hear”) And-1 (Violence) in 2018. Hip hop forever!!!! MAINFRAME!!!! Visit to stay updated with show dates, special offers and more by subscribing to the email list. Follow them on @MainframeTrax (Twitter) @mainframetraxfamily (IG) @MainframeTraxfamily (FB) Members: A.D. Trax, Epitome, Element Life, And 1, Pugs, DJ Mass, DJ Dee Rock Shan Solo, Nikki True